Loose lead workshop 
with Mindful Canine

A half-day interactive workshop to practise practical techniques with expert support. All dogs over 20 weeks welcome!. 

  • 25 years’ experience training dogs to walk well on a lead
  • Develop comfortable, consistent loose lead walking
  • Fun and interactive workshop with a relaxed atmosphere

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This course can
help you with

  • Pulling on the lead
  • Reluctance to walk
  • Stopping frequently while on a walk
  • Lunging on walks – for distractions (squirrels!)
  • Making training a game
  • Positive reinforcement training
  • Establishing consistent, comfortable loose lead walking
  • Please note: This service isn’t for more serious behavioural problems like aggression towards people or other dogs.

What does this
course look like?


Loose lead workshop 

Taking your dog for a walk should be fun. But for many owners, walks can be a challenge with lead pulling, endless sniffing, and sudden lunges off the path after a squirrel or someone else’s ball. 

If this sounds familiar, come along to one of our friendly workshops and learn the art of loose lead walking. 

Tony Cook, dog trainer in Cheshire and Trafford rewarding dog walking on a lead.


A single half-day session

This workshop is a fast and effective way to learn everything you need to know about loose lead walking. We’ll cover a mix of theory, practical tips and fun exercises. And the day’s broken up with breaks for a cup of tea or a doggy treat.

You’ll learn positive dog training techniques that use rewards and praise to engage your dog. We’ll also look at how 
equipment like clickers can help your dog learn to walk calmly by your side.

They’ll be lots of time for questions or a bit of extra help if you need it. And you’ll get a full set of notes to take away so you can practise and improve at home.

Tony and dog walking calming and not pulling lead along the pavement in Urmston or Stretford.


Fun, relaxed and supportive

It’s really important to me that everyone has fun at my workshops – that includes dogs and their owners! Learning happens when we’re happy, relaxed and enjoying what we’re doing.

So I’ll keep you and your dog engaged with a mix of fun activities and challenges, and I’ll make sure you both feel confident and supported.

We’ll use positive reinforcement techniques rather than force to teach your dog to walk calmly on the lead. Infact, my training methods are so positive, your dog will think the whole thing is a game!

There’s a saying in the dog training world that, ‘The more in control you feel, the more freedom you’ll have.’ Come along to a loose lead workshop and can get back to enjoying happy, relaxed walks with your favourite pet.

Dog happy and relaxed on a loose lead after dog training workshop in Sale or Altrincham.

Meet Samantha & Diago

“I was struggling with my German Shepherd puppy. He’s cute but I wasn’t prepared for the biting, chewing, chasing the children, and barking at everything! ”

Samantha & Diago the German Shepherd puppy
October 2020
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Meet Mark & Charlie

“Tony takes the time to listen. He studies you and your dog and chooses the best training for you. Tony is a great trainer who obviously understands dogs.”

Mark & Charlie the Labrador
October 2020
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Meet Jane & Nico

“Tony was fantastic in helping us to rehome our three-year-old German Shepherd, Nico. From practical tips about control and management (I also have two children under five!) to behavior strategies for issues such as barking at visitors and jumping up, he gave clear, concise advice, all based on positive reinforcement. ”

Jane & Nico the German Shepherd
November 2020
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Meet Claire and Charlie

“Hi Tony, Just wanted to say how much we both enjoyed today. I have done puppy training before but it's never been that enjoyable and positive. You brought things up no one else has before and it's reset my mind on training Charlie (and myself) we are looking forward to practicing and seeing you again. Oh and Charlie is LOVING his kong meals. Thanks again it was a pleasure.”

Claire and Charlie
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Meet Hayley and Buzz

“Buzz and I were so pleased with our first puppy training session with Tony. I got lots of great tips of how to stop Buzz from pulling on the lead, what games to play with him, what to feed him and when to give him treats. We have been practicing lots and I’m pleased to report that we are both we are both very happy with our progress.”

Hayley and Buzz
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Loose lead workshop

Practise practical techniques with expert support. All dogs over 20 weeks welcome! 

  • Fun and interactive workshop – learn techniques that work in half a day
  • Develop comfortable, consistent loose lead walking
  • 25 years’ experience training dogs to walk well on a lead

£60 for a half-day workshop

This course runs frequently across Trafford and Cheshire. I’ll get back to you with available dates and locations as soon as I can.

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Can’t wait to hear about you and your dog!


These courses run frequently across Trafford and Cheshire. I’ll get back to you with available dates and locations as soon as I can.